ME RADIO is a New York/New Jersey Based
We are a group of like minded Dj's/Entertainers/Radio Personalities/Staff & Associate's that have come together with the same common thoughts and goals in mind, One day to be able to bring real entertainment back to the airwaves like it use to be "EVEN IF IT'S STARTS RIGHT HERE ON THE INTERNET!" Meaning WE NEED TO BRING GOOD MUSIC COMBINED WITH GREAT RADIO PERSONALITIES TO WHERE IT USE TO BE! We want to first reach people in our backyard (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Long Island, staten Island and New Jersey) Then move into every town, state & country, then start branching off to every part of the globe!
OUR MOTO'S are SIMPLE "Radio For Me, Radio For You" & "Music That Makes You Move"
We feel like these moto's represent what makes this station different. We want our listeners to enjoy themselves when tuning in to one of the many Dj's/Entertainers or Radio Personalities LIVE BROADCAST or the radio play list. We are a 24/7 internet radio station, with live chat during live broadcasting hours, as well Live Social Networking on the broadcast page, all in real-time. Our Dj's/Entertainers/Radio Personalities Playing Shows every week (look for time on the website) We play everything From Hip-Hop to Jazz, House to R&B, Rock to Gospel and even Freestyle to country! We like to celebrate music, art and fashion as a whole. So come join us & our mailing list on the live radio page, become part of the family to be updated on up-coming events, giveaways & more.